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Rolls Royce mulling over launching flying taxis

Rolls Royce might launch flying taxis in the future

The concept of flying cars is still very much alive, breathing and gaining momentum to take off, but many analysts take flying cars are impractical, useless and the waste of money while we have other options of transportation such as Air travel by conventional planes, fast and bullet trains, and recently gaining popularity electric scooters.

Flying cars are being pursued quite seriously, a lot of startups, established companies like Toyota, Audi, Uber, and others are working on these concepts, NASA is also collaborating with Uber to build flying cars. Not only cars, a French entrepreneur tells us about flying trains which could be developed in the future, having the ability to run on tracks as well as fly.

Google co-founder Larry Page’s company is secretly working on a project Cora which is another flying taxi.

And now Rolls Royce is in the picture, maybe the company is going to build a luxury flying car as it comes in mind after hearing about the company. But that is not the case, the Rolls Royce luxury car manufacturer is separated from its Rolls Royce engine company decades ago.

The Rolls Royce engine company is seeking an opportunity to develop a flying taxi, the company has put up plans to create an electric car which could have a potential to reach 400 km/h or 250 m/h. The company believes it would launch the electric car after 2020, as other companies working on the segment have almost the similar deadlines.

Head of Rolls Royce electric team, Rob Watson said, “The Company is well positioned to take a leading role in emerging world of personal air mobility. What we are doing today is to develop hybrid electric propulsion capabilities, the model could be available by mid or early 2020’s, and where we are heading, we don’t even need roads, he added.