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Rolls Royce, Intel Collaborated for Making Self-Sailing Ships

self-sailing ships

The automobile firm—Rolls Royce has partnered up with Intel for the purpose of building self-sailing ships. The concept is entirely unique, and the ship would be world’s first ever self-driving one.

Rolls Royce recently made the announcement regarding its collaboration with Intel for the making of a full fleet of autonomous cargo ships that would be needing no humans onboard and would be entirely self-directed.

As explained by the Interesting Engineering, the autonomous system is provided with an extensive network full of thermal and HD camera, satellite data, radar and LIDAR and weather forecasts, all of them managed by a centralized program. The vision algorithms would assist the self-sailing ship in detecting hindrances during night time and within the busiest ports.

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The automobile firm is planning to get the entire fleet ready by 2025, it also introduced the Intelligent Awareness System in one of the crewed vessels this year.

In this new collaboration, the firms are intending to use 3D NAND solid-state drives which would be acting as the “black box” with a storage capacity of up to 1TB per day or 30 TB to 40 TB for a month that would be coming from the network.

The information would be processed using the Xeon chips.

The ship could automatically categorize any obstacles around it which include the ships, tankers, tugs or cruises as it is provided with Intelligent Awareness System. The system also assists to improve the visibility during undesirable weather conditions since it merges data from many sources. This proves beneficial in cases where the ship navigates in places like docks with close quarters.

Both the companies are aiming at safety and the plan to manufacture these self-driving ships with the same technology which is used in smart cities, self-driven cars and drones.

Intel informed that Roll Royce is already under the testing phase of its AI system in Japan where the vessels could even understand the surrounding areas at night time when it is nearly impossible for humans to identify objects in the water.

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