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Rockets hit Afghanistan’s Kabul as the country marks 101st Independence Day

The officials of the Afghan government have confirmed that several rockets struck the Afghan capital city Kabul on Tuesday as Afghanistan marked the 101st anniversary of its independence.

The spokesperson of the Afghan interior ministry Tareq Arian said that there were no casualties reported after the rockets were fired from two vehicles in the Afghan capital city, Kabul.

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According to the details, the rockets were fired on Kabul after the President of the neighbouring country Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani participated in an Independence Day ceremony at the presidential palace.

As per the details shared by the witnesses, some rockets fell near the presidential palace and the defence ministry in a heavily fortified area that also houses embassies of several countries.

It is pertinent to mention here that the rocket attack comes as the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban are poised to begin the peace talks. The negotiations between both parties are set to start once Kabul released around 400 Taliban prisoners as approved last week by a traditional gathering of prominent Afghans.

Earlier on March 10, the swearing-in ceremony of the Afghan President was also interrupted by rocket fire near the presidential palace. In the incident, no serious injuries were reported at that time.

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