Roche Diabetes Care Launches Pakistan’s First Diabetes Data Management App


Roche Diabetes Care has launched Pakistan’s first diabetes data management app mySugr on Saturday.

Moreover, the company also launched a new Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring device called Surprisingly Clever.

According to the details, Wasim Akram Pakistan’s former cricket captain and brand ambassador of Roche Diabetes Care Pakistan for over two decades, was the chief guest at the launch.

Akram, who is diabetic himself, admired the product and said he’s very satisfied that Roche has launched an Accu-Chek Guide in Pakistan. He says that it is a user-friendly device to check blood glucose levels. It is surprisingly smart and clever as well.

On the other hand, he also said it can be used in the dark and mentioned his personal experience using the Accu-Chek Guide.

Akram added that it also has a smart pack feature that makes it spill-resistant and you can take outstrips from any angle without spilling them out. He said that the users can suitably apply blood samples anywhere on the yellow application area and get 10/10 exact results.

Moreover, he described that the diabetes data management app allows users to wirelessly send readings from the Accu-Chek Guide meter to the mySugr app on their phone. This will enable me and other diabetic patients to keep track of their sugar levels and make our lives hassle-free, Wasim Akram said.

The app also generates PDF reports that can be shared with doctors via WhatsApp or email, and also gives 24-hour, monthly, and quarterly views of the results along with a user’s estimated HbA1c.

Akram said users can get the MySugr PRO for free if they pair it with the Accu-Chek Guide (value of $27.99).

The country head of Roche Diabetes Care in Pakistan stated that Accu-Chek Guide Surprisingly Clever that can smartly monitor blood glucose levels is highly suggested by health experts. The mySugr App is used by over 2 million people across the globe and is available in Pakistan with excellence in health care.

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