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Roads Blocked in Lahore & People are Reacting

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) along with opposition parties are preparing for their protest in Lahore, starting from today. Thus the traffic condition in Lahore is terrible. Roads are blocked, Mall Road and attached roads are closed for traffic.





Routes connecting to Mall Road and other main links of the city including Kacheri Road and Hall Road are blocked. The commuters are stuck in this mess created because of the protest today.

On the Faisal Chowk, containers are placed along with an 80-foot-long stage. This stage will be used by different party leaders to speak to the public. The venue of the protest will be extended to the GPO Chowk. Thus, we can expect worsened traffic situation from today.

It is the general public that is suffering because of this protest. Let’s look at some of the reactions of the people on social media.


Many people are in support of the protest and they stand by the main objective of this protest.

For the commuters, this map will tell you which roads and areas you must avoid today. “The “X” pinned on the map around The Mall, Lahore shows restricted areas of protest.”


Dr. Tahir ul Qadri the chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) announced the protests throughout Pakistan starting from January 17th, 2018. The protests are against ruling party in Pakistan, PML-N. This protest is because PAT-led APC deadline has ended. It demanded the resignations of Shehbaz Sharif the Punjab Chief Minister and Rana Sanaullah Law Minister. They were accused of the Model Town tragedy.

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Qadri said, “The deadline has ended but the demands have not been met. Now we won’t ask for the resignations; we will take them forcefully. They will have to resign. It is no longer just about resignations but the end of PML-N governments wherever they are.”