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Road Prince Will Start Vehicle Production in Pakistan by April 2018

A manufacturing license has been awarded to Regal Automobile Industries Limited, Road Prince by Ministry of Industries & Production, Engineering Development Board (EDB) and the Board of Investment.

It is a great step by Pakistan’s government as it will not just boost the auto industry of Pakistan but also create job opportunities in the country. The economy will flourish and Pakistan will develop further. This is a happy picture that can be assumed and anticipated following this news,

The members of AIDC, PAMA & PAAPAM, in support of new Auto Policy, have helped a lot in this regard.

In the Lahore industrial area, Regal Automobile Industries Limited will set up vehicle assembly and manufacturing unit. The company has signed an agreement with a Chinese Company called DFSK Group. Together their aim is to assemble Light Commercial Vehicles (LVC) and mini passenger vans in Pakistan.

Regal Automobile Industries Limited, is part of Rail Prince Group. Rail Prince started its business in Pakistan in 2005. The company has till now launched affordable bikes along with rickshaws in the country. It is the third largest motorbikes selling brand in Pakistan, which is quite an achievement.

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Now Rail Prince Group is going a step further and is starting its production of LCV and minivans. As per the sources by April 2018, Rail Prince will start this new venture.

When an established company takes a new step it has the advantage that people know about it and are aware of its quality and reliability. But now the company has to prove itself and gain a name in vehicle production market as well. Let us see whether the brand will reach new heights with the new venture or not.

Other than this many other companies both international and local are entering Pakistan’s auto market which in itself is quite encouraging.