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Rise In Prices Of All Commodities In Pakistan As Ramadan Approaches

There has been a sudden increase in prices of all commodities in Pakistan. The consumers in Model Bazaar have criticized the process of increasing prices by creating artificial shortage of the basic merchandise. The reason of this unfair and illogical rise is that the Holy month of Ramadan is approaching. Instead of using the month to wipe off our sins, the markets are taking benefit of the needs of the people.

Water melon which has a fixed price between Rs 43 and Rs 58 is now sold at Rs 80, as per the public of Model Bazar. Similar is the case with prices of other fruits and vegetables including bananas, apples and  the regular seasonal  items.

This also makes us raise our eyes on our governance system and price control procedures. Can anybody, increase prices of any item, at any time without being questioned? Is our system so vulnerable? Truth is that the governance of Model bazar and other markets having same situation should be held accountable for the outrageous hike in prices of basic commodities.

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Dates, in the month of Ramadan are compulsory in all families. Therefore the sellers are taking full advantage of this as well. A raise in different types of Dates pre-Ramadan has also started.

The district government acknowledges their inefficiency in controlling the price ranges in the area. The officials of the area say they don’t have enough districts judges to regulate prices, which is a pity.

Ramadan is a month of forgiveness. The month to test our patience. The month that gives us an opportunity to become fair and honest in our dealings. Making use of this Holy month is not just wrong, it’s also shameful.