Rise in COVID-19 Cases in Karachi due to Ideal Weather: Suggest Experts

COVID-19 cases

The health experts have suggested that the surge in the COVID-19 cases is because of the ideal weather conditions in the city of Karachi. They are of the opinion that moderate humidity levels are most suitable for the spread of the coronavirus.

As per the shared details, the provincial health authorities have said that 11 more people got infected with the virus overnight, and the death toll has surged to 3,755 throughout the province.

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As per a report the dense population of the Karachi city with millions of people living in the slum areas and the occurence of events are another contributing factor that is leading to the surge in the spread of the infectious disease.

A public health professor at the Health Service Academy, said that the cold weather with moderate levels of humidity in the range of 45 to 60 percent is the ideal weather for the spread of COVID-19 and the reason why the virus cases are increasing where its positivity rate was 15 percent in comparison to the national positivity rate of 7 percent.

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