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Ride-hailing Companies we want in Pakistan

Lyft: In USA Lyft is the biggest competitor of Uber, safe, secure and an efficient service. We want this ride-hailing company in Pakistan as well. Lyft operates in 60 cities across the USA and the drivers working for Lyft go through thorough background check.

Hailo: It is one of the leading ride-hailing services in the UK. Their booking procedure is easy, their drivers are checked and their services are reliable. In Pakistan, if it is launched it will encourage healthy competition.

GrabTaxi: In SouthEast Asia, GrabTaxi is the most positively reviewed taxi by the customers. Its notable features are the comfort, safety, and pre-screening of drivers. 75,000 drivers are registered with this taxi which makes it one of the largest fleet of ride-hailing vehicles. We hope to see it in Pakistan as well.

Gett: Gett or Get Taxi is the most rapidly growing taxi in the USA. Gett provides reduced pricing to the customers compared to Uber and also keep up interesting offers for the people. Pakistan also needs a taxi with cheap rates and offers for the customers.

Bitaksi: This is a taxi popular in Istanbul with 200,000 registered users and over 34,000 taxi drivers. The taxi also introduced in-app credit card payment system, so bringing cashless payment system in the country. This will be an interesting addition in Pakistan if launched.

Ride-hailing services have started in Pakistan but currently only Uber and Careem are mainstream popular. We do need more interesting ride-hailing options which will not just provide better choices to the customers but also boost healthy competition between these companies.

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