Reusable Face Mask is One Layer Protecting Americans

Where Americans must go out on work, to buy groceries or join the George Floyd protest, they must wear reusable face masks to protect America.

Reusable Face Mask to Protect Fellow Americans

As the days are passing, the number of new COVID19 cases are also increasing. Sadly, the USA is still among the top 10 countries reporting a high number of coronavirus cases on a daily basis. One reason for this is not using any effective reusable face mask by Americans.

It all started in February 2020 in the USA when COVID19 started infecting the citizens. The numbers ware minimal in earlies days till March 2020. But the country started reporting new corona cases in thousands on a daily basis.

Image Credits: IHME

As of June 09, 2020, the confirmed cases have reached more than 2 million with 113,574 deaths in total. Though there has been a decline in daily death ratio infected cases are seemingly very abnormal. On June 01, 2020, there’s a decline in daily confirmed new cases before an upstream.

One of the reasons for this rise is the ongoing protest in America to find justice for George Floyd. According to Forbes, 74% of Americans support George Floyd protest. Many are breaking their quarantine to find justice for George Floyd. But they aren’t following the basic SOPs of wearing a protective face mask.

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People, no matter what, must keep this in mind that self-protection comes first. They could become a part of the protest by raising their voice using the power of social media. And if they must go out, they must wear some reusable face mask to avoid transmitting the virus.

If these Americans don’t take protective measures by wearing face masks, they’d change the declining number of coronavirus and this trend could create an even bigger mess for the country.

Where this protest is one reason for this abnormal trend of new coronavirus cases, people are also getting frustrated by sitting home, creating TikTok videos, avoiding meeting friends and family, and more. Many of the daily wagers are also on the road in search of work and meals for their family. All these activities would destroy the basic concept of social distance and hence could result in an increase in death number due to COVID19.

Though it’s a saddening moment for what has been done with George Floyd (late) and the nation is looking at the justice system of the country, people must be very clear about their health and those related to them. Going out in the public without proper protective measures could do a lot worse for the country. And reusable face masks are one key protective layer that could stop the spread of the virus and protect everyone in the country.

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