Retailers Denied Milk Prices Increase Without Notification

The dairy mafia, comprising wholesalers and farmers, has started pushing the government to increase milk prices, while retailers have refused to raise the price of milk in the future without notification from the city administration.

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Khalil Ahmed, spokesperson of All Karachi Malik Retailers Welfare Association, in a letter, addressed to Shakir Umar Gujjar, President, Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association of Pakistan, said that future increase in milk prices should be conditional on government notification because Rising milk prices without notification from dairy farmers also raise the price of milk at the retail level and retailers suffer the consequences of selling milk at unofficial rates in the form of raids, arrests and humiliation.

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The milk retailers further said in the letter that the issue of fixing new milk prices in terms of milk production cost would have to be resolved with the consent and approval of the government. The retailers advised the dairy farmers to take serious practical steps according to the production cost of milk per litre and future milk sellers would not help the dairy farmers by selling milk at illegal rates and would not take any illegal action.

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