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Restoring Karachi is the Restoration of Pakistan’s Growth: Governor-Sindh

Muhammad Zubair—Governor of Sindh agreed upon the idea in one of his presentations that reviving Karachi would be the revival of the economic growth of Pakistan.

The present PML-N government is very much aware of this fact. The very reason why the moment Muhammad Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister, he decided on an ambitious Karachi package.

Zubair referred the present-day situation of the biggest metropolis of the country to 1970s saying that at that time the city experienced expansion and as the city was not planned and still there was a lack of proper planning so the whole situation led to the present-day distress and unsettling various kinds of inconsistencies.

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He further added that many intrusions were made over the past years, but in the recent past an inclusive approach has been taken.

However, the fact is still there that we are at the center of problems, as the economic activities resumed are faced with issues like waste disposition, traffic jams, environmental pollution, etc.

He stated on the dilemma that all of this requires serious action plan of long-term impact that should be implemented immediately.

He also mentioned that all the stakeholders are being consented and the measures are being taken at a constant speed yet in right directions.

He also claimed that peace has been restored in the city and for the socio-economic growth there are a series of development plans including the Lyari Expressway, K-4 water supply scheme and Green line service.

Governor Sindh added that besides the socio-economic growth federal government has also been trying to encourage tolerance in the residents of Karachi.

He also said that international level sports and cultural activities are also lined up for the city to host including the international squash and hockey tournaments, few matches of Pakistan Super League and a major film festival scheduled in February next year.

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