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Restaurants Illegally Charging Customers with Sales tax without NTN/STRN number


In this report, we will try to enlighten our readers about how restaurants in Pakistan including Gloria Jeans are illegally charging GST without having an STRN number on the receipt slip.

Basically goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax. It is charged by the businesses on most of the goods and services and paid by the customers. But this tax via businesses is remitted to the government.

Now earlier Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in a circular informed that sales tax can only be taken from the customer if the supplier is registered for sales tax. Thus, Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) must be on the invoice that is issued to the customer. If it is not customers were advised to demand invoices/receipts having Sales Tax Number (STRN).

Well, we have compiled a list of restaurants who either don’t have STRN number on the receipt or they don’t have both STRN and NTN on the receipt.

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Well, lets first talk about one of the most popular coffee places in town, Gloria Jeans.

Look at this tweet.

Another tweet about Lahore Chatkhara

Now Lahore Chatkhara is registered with FBR but the STRN number must be on the receipt.

Similarly, this tweet shows that one of the branches of McDonald’s does not have an STN number on the receipt.

And we have another complaint

Here is a complaint against Bundu Khan, fortress stadium.

And another complaint

OPTP Jehlum

The issue is not just limited to restaurants, but clothing brands are also charging tax without mentioning the NTN and STRN number on the invoice.

It is very important for our readers to know that the receipt should have both NTN and STN number. Even if one of them is missing, you are not obliged to pay the sales tax.

It is summarized in this tweet

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