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Resolution Passed to Put A Ban on Stylish Beards in Dera Ghazi Khan

The District Council of Dera Ghazi Khan has passed a resolution relating the imposition of a ban on growing beards of multiple designs or fashions.

As per the resolution, the shaping of beards in various fashionable styles, present out there these days like the French cut, the goatee is not in accordance with the teachings of our religion Islam and goes against the Sunnah.

The resolution asked from the Deputy Commissioner of Dera Ghazi Khan to give a verdict for putting a ban on the multiple types of designs of beard common among the youth of the country these days.

The act was termed against Sunnah. And it was demanded in the resolution that strict action should be taken against the people who make fun of beard. Asif Khosa—chaired the resolution, said that there is an intense need for providing awareness about this Sunnah among the youth.

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He added that youngsters make various designs of beard under the tagline of fashion which is against the teachings of Islam.

Khosa said that the trimmed styles of beard including the “French cut” are impermissible in Islam.

The resolution had majority votes on it hence was forwarded to the Dera Ghazi Khan Deputy Commissioner for further action.

The students from the tribal areas are given a quota of ten percent in medical colleges, as per one of the resolutions passed by the DG Khan District Council.

Abdul Ghaffar Khan Ahmadani—presented the resolution—he is also a member of the district council. He said that this allotment would facilitate the students of the tribal areas with an opportunity for getting admissions in the medical colleges.

Sardar Abdul Qadir Khosa—Chairman, while addressing the session said that it would be tried to solve all the problems identified by the District Council and that also on an immediate basis.

He also instructed the district officers to visit the different areas personally for getting the direct/first-hand knowledge of the people.

There were some more resolutions that were passed by the council and that includes—the reconstruction of Phairoo Choti, the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor at Ghazi University, the cleaning by the irrigation department of the lower Manika canal, decaying building of a girls’ primary school and the making of a secretariat in Multan or Dera Ghazi Khan for solving the problems in South Punjab.

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