Residents of Sector F-8, Islamabad Filed Petition Against the Area Schools

On Monday a notice was issued by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to the Islamabad’s civic agency, some private schools and a private schools body about their response to a petition filed against them about ruining the right of peacefulness and serenity of mind in the Sector F-8 area of the capital.

Notices were allotted to some private schools, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Private Institution Educational Regulatory Authority (PIERA)by Justice Aamer Farooq demanding their replies within a fortnight.

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Anjum Mubashar, the petitioner under the direction of Yasir Mehmood Chaudhry had approached the Islamabad High Court explaining that because of the presence of these private schools and colleges in the area, the whole area is suffering from the problem of severe traffic jam as the cars that come to pick and drop the pupils are randomly parked on the roads.

The uproar starts early morning sometime before eight in the morning and remains until 1 pm. During this span, the street and roads are filled with the extremely loud horn blowing sounds, vehicles screeching and the earsplitting sounds of the loudspeaker. The same protocol is repeated every day.

The counsel defended the case by saying that this all “have destroyed the peace of mind and right of tranquility of the petitioner.”
He further added that the private schools, colleges, and tuition academies are violating CDA’s laws and also the Regulation by Islamabad Residential Sector Zoning (Building Control)(2005).

Chaudhry also mentioned that these institutions were doing nothing on their own for controlling this havoc which is at its peak in the residential area. They are running their commercial setups in the form of educational organizations.

On 18th March an application was sent by the residents to CDA and PIERA about the same issue but no action was taken so far it seems that the State Machinery only encourages commercial foundations may they even be in the residential area or whatsoever, paying no heed to the pleas of the suffering residents.

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