Residents of Mirpurkhas Struggles to Drain Rainwater


The residents of Mirpukhas are still struggling to drain the rainwater. 2 months earlier a rainstorm struck Mirpurkhas and since then the district administration is still dealing with the challenge of draining rainwater from flooded residential and agricultural areas.

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According to the details, Abdul Waheed Shaikh Mirpurkhas commissioner, who led a meeting in this regard on Saturday, formed a committee to review the colonies, urban areas, and agricultural fields that remain flooded. The committee will also be given a timeframe to sewer the water. The commissioner said that drains should be built under the roads, which had been cut to drain the water.

Moreover, Abdul Waheed Shaikh further asked the committee to develop a mechanism so that no villages or localities will be harmed during the drainage of other areas.

On the other hand, smart lockdown has been imposed in various areas of Islamabad on Sunday as the number of coronavirus patients were increasing very quickly.

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