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Resentful Pakistani student stabbed professor to death in France

A discontented former Pakistani student has stabbed his former professor to death in front of other students at the University situated in Paris on Wednesday.

A 37-yearold Pakistani student was debarred from the university last year, he took revengefrom his former professor and killed him in front of students. One of thewitnesses told the local newspapers that two men had a brief conversation afterthat the murderer took out the knife and stabbed professor 13 times in theneck.

After the murder the man tried to escape but the security guards at the university revenge from of him until the police arrived and apprehended him, one student told newsagencies, IrishTimes reported.

According to the details the victim was 66-year old John Dowling, he was an Irish lecturer who had been teaching students English and International Relations at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard-de-Vinci, a private University located in a districted 8kilometers northwest of Paris.

The police confiscated the knife from the scene and unfortunately Dowling died at the spot. The murderer was admitted to the university in September 2016 to study management, but he was expelled from the school after failing the final examination, he was told he could not continue in August 2017.

The director of the university Pascal Brouyae told media that the student was so distressed when he was told that he could not continue at the university and he had to leave.

Marine Le Pen, the far-right French leader who is known for Islamophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric tweeted: “It is with horror that we learn of the death of a teacher at Courbevoie, in front of his school, with his throat slit by a former student. A threshold has been crossed in the barbarity that contaminates our country, and which spreads amid total indifference by the government.”