Research Indicates More People Deleting or Taking Breaks from Facebook

deleting Facebook or taking breaks

Owing to the latest scandals the social networking giant has been through, new research indicates that more people are deleting Facebook or taking breaks from the application.

A research study conducted at the Pew Research Centre sampled four thousand five hundred and ninety-four United States Facebook users who were aged eighteen or above and found that forty-two per cent of the users have taken a break from the app for many weeks in the last year. It was also observed that twenty-five per cent of the study respondents have deleted the application from their mobile phones.

The results shared by Pew indicated that the answers were slightly different depending on the age of the respondents. Forty-four per cent of the users who were aged between nineteen and twenty-nine deleted the app completely from their phones, against the twenty per cent of the users aged between fifty and above sixty-three who also did the same.

The users aged above sixty-five years, for them the percentage decreased to twelve per cent as per the reports of The Verge.

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Also, more than half of the research respondents told that they have re-fixed their privacy settings in the last twelve months. The people have been encouraged to do so because of the recent privacy scandals that Facebook has gone through. Sixty-four per cent of the young Facebook users have changed their privacy settings.

Some time back, the social networking giant was stuck in serious problem after the data breach scandal Cambridge Analytica. It breached more than eighty-seven million users without their notice or consent. Seemingly this scandal has impacted the Facebook users.

Facebook has also introduced better privacy controls for the users for managing their data. It also permitted users to download and review any data the website has gathered on them. The Pew research indicated that one in every ten Facebook users have downloaded their personal data on Facebook, according to Daily Mail.

The research mentioned that although the size of these users is relatively small in comparison to the share of the Facebook population, these users are super conscious of privacy. Nearly half of the Facebook users have downloaded their personal data from Facebook forty-seven per cent have deleted the app from their mobile phones while seventy-nine per cent have chosen to readjust their privacy settings.

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