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Research Directed On CPEC Projects

It is asked by President, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, (MAJU) Karachi Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaikh to conduct research on CPEC projects and the objective behind it. The President has directed students and teachers to get involved in this research and study CPEC in detail.

He believed that we as Pakistanis should know about our problems relating to power shortage, road issues, transportation systems, and infrastructure.   We should also know the solutions of these problems. He expressed his opinion on this topic as he addressed a two day  Pakistan Business Research Conference in the university. Other speakers part of this session were Head of Management Sciences, ZABIST Prof. Dr. Zaki Rashdi, Chairman, Pakistan and Russia Business Council Muhammad Farooq Afzal, Associate Dean, Business Administration & Social Sciences Dr. Shujaat Mubarak and Conference Secretary Ghulam Mohammad.

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Dr. Zubair said that there are more opportunities given to the students and teachers to carry out research. He said we need to be responsible and carry out research that can benefit the society like finding out how to utilize the working class of the country so that it becomes more useful for the society.

Farooq Afzal, Chairman, Pakistan Russia Business Council said that 64 billion dollars investment has been made by China on CPEC and we need to use that investment to our benefit.

Use Gwadar port to boost up the trade in Pakistan. He further said that Russia is interested to invest in Pakistan. As a nation, we need to use marketing tactics and use the 3.7 trillion dollars volume of trade budget of Russia and central Asian countries to our benefit.

Loans are not the solution. Working in our industrial sector and lifting up our exports is.

Prof. Dr. Zaki Rashdi said that research work should not be taken as a pressure. Students should take it as an opportunity to explore and learn. It is important to conduct research to know how we can improve our economy and what the shortcomings are.

Talking about CPEC it cannot be said that it is a good deal or not but at least we should know who is investing in CPEC, what projects are planned, and where those projects would lead Pakistan in near future. If our students’ research on CPEC and such projects, it would not just be one more research added to the pile. New businesses would learn from it, many thinking whether to invest or not might just make up their mind and start investing in the project, shortcomings mentioned in research might be removed. So research is essential.