Replica Industry Threatens the Original Brands

Replica Brands

Leading top brands in Pakistan are trying hard to sustain their customer base as the replica industry is threatening their business by offering the same product at an affordable cost.  

There was a time when people used to visit brands in huge numbers to get their hands on the best quality products be it clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags or watches. Now “Replicas have put back all original leading brands and grabbed away the hefty turnover, especially on the eve of different festivals”.

Today, big brands are not making and selling as many clothes and accessories as is in the past. These days the replica manufacturers are so efficient in their work that they are able to reproduce the same products with the same packaging and offer it to the customers at a lower price.

An owner of a big clothes and bags store in Saddar Rawalpindi Sheikh Rizwan said that there has been a decline in the demand for original brands items due to their ever-increasing prices. The replicas are exactly like the original items, thus people opt for them instead of the originals. As per Rizwan if an original dress is priced at Rs10,000, its copy is just available for Rs 5000.  So people will opt for the exact replica rather than spend more money on the original one.

A storekeeper Shahid Qureshi said, “Replicas were more in demand because original brands manufacturers’ restricted the number of items. Replica industry duplicated in bulks.”

A housewife Samreena said that she cannot afford an extremely expensive dress. As replicas are almost as good as originals and are affordable thus she can buy them.

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Similarly, a private school teacher Sadia Amjad said that she prefers replicas as they have a lower price and the appropriate fabric. She said “Master copy of replica is as good and fine as the original. I always buy the master copy because it costs me Rs1000 or Rs 2000 less than genuine brand.’’

However, a marketing officer Christina said that she does not buy replicas as they are not original and they are actually looting trustworthy people.

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