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Rental Bike Business Thriving in The Rural Areas of South Punjab

The ever-growing requirements of short distance traveling within the cities have resulted in booming rent-a-bike business, especially in the region of South Punjab, rural areas.

Rent-a-motorcycle business has been established by many people of the region and some people are even running it as a part-time occupation.

One of the owners of a rental bike shop, Khawaja Zafar residing in Multan said that he has been in the business since past twelve years. He also informed that twenty-five rupees are the per hour charge for renting a bike.

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According to him, this is a profitable business. He also mentioned that the rates of motorbikes as per their engine capacity varies. The rent for 70 cc two-wheeler is half of that of 125 cc motorbike.

He also told that people have changed in terms of their orientation towards bicycles. Now the majority of the citizens prefer to benefit from the rental bikes.

Motorcycles are given on rent only after some basic identity checks like checking NIC and a guarantee provided by town’s any known individual.

Another citizen Allah Dittah, residing in Vehari and a farmer by profession said that he has a two-wheeler which he uses for running his personal endeavors and for earning some extra money.
He told that he provides transportation to the people from Pipli Village to the bus stand or from bus stand back to the village. This helps him in adding a total of rupees three-hundred to rupees four-hundred daily in his earnings. He also gives his bike on rent.

Another villager, Muhammad Khalid when asked said he has eight family members and they have two motorcycles which serve their family need well but occasionally they borrow a bike.
He highly rated the rent-a-motorcycle facility and said it’s a good option for the poor people.

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