Renowned Singer Alamgir is Alive and Well – Bushra Ansari

There were multiple reports that started circulating on Friday evening regarding the death of the popular singer Alamgir. However, these rumors are totally false. Veteran TV actor Bushra Ansari shared a video on her Instagram in which she is seen talking to Alamgir inquiring about his health.

Bushra shared their phone conversations, confirming that Alamgir is alive and well.

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Bushra Ansari said, “I was so scared when I came to know about the rumours. I’ve become habitual of you! Now that you have lived 100 years, you don’t have a right to die anymore”.

In the video, Alamgir can be heard laughing.

Bushra Ansari said, “I’ve asked everyone to stop spreading false news. There are already so many sad incidents we have been hearing, I would never want to hear something like this.”

Furthermore Bushra said that Alamgir is fighting his illness bravely. She said, “I love you and please, just stay safe.”

It is understandable that we are living in the social media world, where news spread faster than fire, but it is basic ethics to verify a fact before spreading it. Let us not believe a rumor unless we have confirmed it and verified it from multiple sources.

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