Renders of the new OnePlus Watch 2 reveal an entirely redesigned design

OnePlus started launching wearables a few years ago. The OnePlus Watch was quite a failure for the company due to a plethora of issues that occurred at the launch. Some mockups of the much-anticipated OnePlus Watch 2 appear to indicate that the firm wishes to move past the past.

OnePlus Watch 2 renders show that OnePlus is leaving the past behind

Recall that the OnePlus Watch had a pebble-like appearance. It appears a Pixel Watch has been slightly flattened by someone using a hydraulic press. It has two buttons on the side and a shiny, reflective metal body. The display was rather thin as well.

But that was back then, and it appears that with the second version of its smartwatch, OnePlus started over. We got some high-definition renders of the OnePlus Watch 2 thanks to @onleaks and My Smart Price.

It’s important to remember that even though @onleaks is a reliable source, you should still proceed with caution. Between now and the day the device is unveiled, anything can change with renders. Remember that anything might happen at any time.

It appears from the renders that OnePlus may have decided to keep the rounded face. OnePlus appears to be adding a flat edge to the future watch, though, judging from the images. The OnePlus Watch 2 may no longer be fashioned like a pebble but instead more like a Galaxy Watch.

When viewed from above, the watch face has a protrusion on the right side. It appears to be where the two buttons for operating the watch will be kept. In the renders, it seems to jut out a little, but in person, it might not look quite as dramatic. The report states that silicone watchbands will be included with this watch. They will appear in white and black.

What specs are rumors based on?

The 1.43-inch AMOLED display that the OnePlus 2 may have is suggested by the leak, while the resolution is unknown. Based on the looks of things, the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 SoC will power this watch. Regarding software, it appears that OnePlus has once again chosen proprietary software over Wear OS. With time, more information about this watch will become available.

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