Renault Cars will launch in Pakistan by June 2020


Renault, the leading French automaker has decided to introduce its vehicles in Pakistan by June 2020. Renault has partnered up with UAE-based conglomerate Al-Futtaim to launch vehicles in the country. It is reported that Renault cars will hit Pakistani roads by June 2020.

Al-Futtaim possesses the best modern technology and robotic arms for car manufacturing. In June 2018, Renault established its industrial factory in Faisalabad for assembling and manufacturing vehicles in Pakistan. The land acquired is situated at M-3 industrial city in Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company (FIEDMC). The area of the land is 54 acres.

At that time Al-Futtaim Automotive International Senior Managing Director Colin Cordery said,   “Al-Futtaim is fully committed to the Pakistani market and to this project. We, together with Renault, are delighted to have completed the land acquisition, which is an important milestone in the project.”

Al-Futtaim Renault Pakistan is investing $140 million for this mega project. The Renault auto plant will have an installed capacity of 50,000 vehicles per annum. The company is planning to launch 5 vehicle variants at the time of its release.

Al Futtaim-Renault wants to establish itself as one of the leading automakers in Pakistan through smooth sales of its cars. This will not just boost the auto sector of Pakistan but also create job opportunities in the country & enhance the economy.

It is expected that the display office of Al Futtaim-Renault will be established by 2019 and the cars will be launched in the Pakistani market by June 2020.

Renault might launch five cars in Pakistan namely Renault Duster, Renault Captur, Renault Lodgy, Renault Pulse, and Renault Kwid.

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