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Reham Khan’s Book Unveils Surprising Details About Imran Khan’s Drug Addiction

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Reham Khan While sharing her ten-month long marriage experience with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief—Imran Khan has accused the ex of massive drug addiction in the recently published biography.

The forty-five-year-old journalist, who also shared the photos of cocaine recovered from the PTI chief’s pocket in a book said that his sexual ventures date back even before his career in cricket, however his probing into drugs started much later. She added that Imran said that he first dived into cocaine after Jemima took the kids away. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf members also validate the timing of his addiction to coke.

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Reham Khan has provided the details of the Khan’s drug addiction she wrote that she grew suspicious of him and started to keep a check on his disappearances. As per her, Imran Khan would visit the washroom thrice every night at least and every time he would return from the washroom he would appear more hyper. She added that he used to notice her sudden puzzlement and quietness. When she used to ask he would just deny. She wrote further that she finally began seeing the tell-tale traces of powder on his nostrils and the cotton swabs with Vaseline in the drawers.

She has also shared the phots of cocaine found from the coat of the chief of PTI.

She further wrote that as Khan was reluctant to leave his habit of drug addiction, Reham decided to take the charge and developed the habit of going in before the servants to wipe away the surfaces with antiseptic wipes so that the traces of powder could not be seen. She wrote that she did all this to portray to the servants that Imran Khan is a changed man now.

Reham Khan in her scandal-filled book also mentioned that Imran Khan’s cousin Bobby in front of her delivered the PTI chief a banned drug Rohypnol also referred to as the date-rape drug.

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