Reham Khan’s Book Published Online on Amazon

The highly controversial and anticipated book of the year has been released. Reham Khan has launched her autobiography online on Amazon. Those who want to read the book of the ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan can now do it online.

She has revealed some shocking details in her book especially about her ten-month long marriage to Imran Khan. She claims that Imran Khan was interested in meeting her before marriage, asked about her age and admired her.

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In one of our experience, she said that she met PTI chief at Bani Gala before marriage and was attacked by mosquitoes. Imran Khan came from the bedroom adding, “He now had a glint in the eyes as he looked straight into mine. Flustered by his penetrating gaze, I looked away and explained that I was covered in mosquito bites. The next thing I knew, his huge hands had grabbed my ankles protectively but gently, as if to sooth the insect bites. I jumped in my chair at this unexpected, yet tender gesture from him. He leaned forward as if to kiss miss, then groaned and got to his feet”.

Then he took her to his garden and proposed to her. Imran Khan said, “I want to marry you,” to which she replied, “Are you totally insane?.”

Amazon has described the book as, “This story touches on sensitive issues, both political and social, and the author has had to resist extreme bullying, harassment and life-threatening situations to bring it to you. There are powerful people who do not want you to hear it – because it shows all too clearly that there are those in political office in Pakistan, and all over the world, who are not driven by a desire to serve the public but rather by venal ambition.”

Currently, there are 15 customer reviews on Reham Khan’s book. 80% are negative while 20% are positive. Surprisingly people have either given the book ‘5’ stars or just ‘1’ star which make it seem as if either people are completely in favor of the book or completely against the allegations put forward in the scandalous book.

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