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Reham Khan Sets Twitter on Fire and Hamza Ali Abbasi Among Many Others Responded

Reham Khan the ex-wife of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman—Imran Khan is all set to launch her book in the coming week in London.

As per Morning Mail, Reham in her book has placed serious charges against her former husbands Imran Khan and Ijaz Khan. She is being criticised heavily for dishonouring the trustworthy bond a husband and wife shares.

Reham Khan has set fire on Twitter with the announcement of her book. Many people have read her manuscript and “#RehamonPMLNAgenda” has become a quick trend.

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Many people from famous political figures to the general public tweeted some criticizing Reham, while others criticizing the whole situation.

After the Election Commission of Pakistan has finalized the date of the elections, she also announced the launch of her book.

As per credible sources, the PML-N leadership has asked her to send invites to various people belonging to different political parties for avoiding the stamp of PML-N on the book.

The overseas Pakistanis expressing reservation on the content of book said that the book is against the Islamic preachings and traditions.

According to sources the PML-N leadership and Reham Khan had been in regular contact before the book was completed. It is important to mention that after the verdict of Supreme Court to expel Nawaz Sharif, the Sharif family have got high hopes from her book.

The PTI activist and actor—Hamza Ali Abbasi took it to Twitter to comment on the upcoming occurrence.  As per the tweet, Hamza wrote that Reham in her book has termed Imran Khan as the evilest man alive on this planet while she herself is the most pious lady and Shahbaz Sharif is the most amazing guy.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also added that there is some big agenda behind the launch of this book and said that the timing of the book publication is also very significant and crucial.

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