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Regal Automobiles is Manufacturing Eleven-Seater Prince C37 Vehicle in Lahore

Regal Automobiles Industries Limited has set up its production plant in Lahore for manufacturing new vehicles. The third largest bike manufacturer is investing in the vehicle industry. Presently Regal Automobiles is assembling the eleven-seater multipurpose vehicle Prince C37.

Regal is the third biggest bike manufacturing company in Pakistan. Now it is ready to invest in the auto industry. The company will make Rs. 10 billion investment in its Lahore-based plant.

Sohail Usman, Chairman of Regal Automobile Industries has informed that the company has entered into the technical agreement to assemble cars. The company has signed an agreement with a Chinese Company called DFSK Group. Together their goal is to assemble Light Commercial Vehicles (LVC) and mini passenger vans in Pakistan.

‘Prince’ the agreement is done and it will enable the company to assemble vehicles locally. Along with the eleven-seater Prince C37 Regal is ready to launch a pickup called K01 pickup truck. Also, the company will introduce a luxurious van called K07 for the high-end market.

In the initial phase, Regal Automobile will assemble 5,000 units but if the demand for commercial vehicles increases it will double its production level to 10,000 units. CKD kits are being imported from China to assemble the initial units through these bundles.

A manufacturing license was awarded to Regal Automobile Industries Limited, Road Prince in February 2018 by Ministry of Industries & Production, Engineering Development Board (EDB) and the Board of Investment.

The emergence of new auto companies in Pakistan both local & foreign will not just boost the auto industry of Pakistan but also create job opportunities in the country. The economy will flourish and Pakistan will develop further.

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