Refugees Born in Pakistan will be granted Citizenship

Afghan and Bangladeshi refugees born in Pakistan will now be granted citizenship. Imran Khan the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan has made the announcement that Afghan & Bangladeshi refugees will be given citizenship with an aim to control street crime in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Karachi where he was informed about the condition of law and order in the city. He was quite concerned about the disturbing number of street crime cases especially in the City of Lights.

Later Imran Khan chaired the meeting in which members from Sindh Police, Rangers and Intelligence agencies representatives were present. Mr. Khan asked for recommendations to reduce street crime and de-weaponize Karachi.

Imran Khan said, “There is no social security system and hundreds of thousands of unregistered Afghans and Bangladeshis are living in this metropolis. They cannot get ID cards and passports and this is why they are denied jobs.”

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He further said that due to unemployment crime rate has increased in Karachi. Thus he made the announcement that CNIC and passports will be given to the Pakistani born refugees.

About the establishment of dams Khan said, “I am sure that we will (be able to) meet all our targets … I can see (for myself) that the nation has been mobilized.”

“Even India has built several major and small dams, but Pakistan has (built) just two major and 150 small dams.”

Thanking the people of Karachi for voting for PTI Imran Khan said, “I always said that Karachi is PTI’s stronghold, but people never believed me.”

He also highlighted different environmental problems saying “We are planning a green Karachi.

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