Reduce School Fees by 20% – Supreme Court’s Written Order

A written order has been issued by the Supreme Court to reduce the school fees by 20%. 22 schools have been directed to reduce their school fees. On December 13th, 2018 the interim orders were issued by the Supreme Court.

It is clarified by SC in the detailed judgement that the orders is for all the schools in Pakistsn that charge over Rs5,000 monthly.

All the points in the interim judgement in December are upheld in the written judgement. It is also added that a few schools are putting pressure on parents to take a step back so that schools are not held responsible for charging hefty fees.

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An order has been given to examine these schools under the legal framework. Furthermore schools are asked not to fire their staff or cut their salaries in order to compensate the fee hike issue.

Furthermore Supreme Court has ordered the schools to not make any changes to any incentives or scholarships that they have offered to their students. All these offers should remain intact and not get affected by the fee issue.

 Parents are ordered to pay the fees on time after the fee is reduced. Also after the interim order is passed, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is directed to give back the computers and ledgers taken from the schools.

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