Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version will bring the industry’s first lightning special-shaped flash

Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version will feature the industry’s first lightning special-shaped flash and a lot more.

Earlier, we shared news about launching the new Redmi K40 gaming version, and now we are back for more. We learned that this gaming phone would come with the industry’s first lightning special-shaped flash.

According to the recent leaks, this device emits dazzling lights while taking pictures. So, it would illuminate you in the dark. This would be an interesting feature, especially for gamers.

This smartphone has a ‘Silver Wing’ color option, with a line of ‘FIGHTING’ in the middle and the Redmi logo on the lower-left corner. This device has a glass body, uses a double-sided fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, and has a metal middle frame.

Then, we also learned from a source that this Redmi gaming smartphone would come with a 5,065mAh battery, letting you play games for hours. The battery supports 67W game flash charging.

Coming to the hood, we have the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip and a VC liquid cooling. It has a large area of ​​graphene of 11540mm² and uses new material from the space shuttle for the first time. It will use an OLED flexible straight screen, supports a 480Hz three-finger touch, and have an ultra-small chin and three narrow sides.

This Redmi gaming device will have built-in 12 antennas.

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