RedDrop: A Blood Donation App That Needs Your Support


You must have gone through the phase either for your friends and family or for your close relatives, how hectic it becomes when it comes to collecting blood from donors in a specified time. You might have used several outreach tactics to fulfill the blood requirement. But sometimes it becomes really hard to attain the target.

RedDrop is a mobile application developed by Rawalpindi based Atif Nauman, Imran and Asif after they gone to the same problem of collecting blood.

Dawn reported that the app was launched in September 2016, the developers are working hard to get as many donors as possible into their database, they are also struggling in creating awareness and usefulness of app among masses.

The app has a simple registration process, users/donors can register themselves on the app in any city and across the country. They will be instantly added to the database after verification.

People who require blood they can use this app by entering specific details such as; blood group, number of bottles, date required etc. This request then creates notification and sends it to the users who match the donor criteria. Requests also uploaded to social networks in real time in order to create more visibility of the request.

App developers said, “We want to act as a powerful channel connecting volunteers (blood donors) with the people who really need it. Currently, we are getting 1 to 2 requests on daily basis. We are also struggling with funds which is a barrier to our growth and the target of adding million people in our database. We have 2000 active donors in our database at the moment, we also wish to collaborate with blood banks, educational institutions, medical stores and telecoms in order to create awareness among voluntary donors.

Dr Zafar Iqbal, director of the Punjab government’s Institute of Blood Transfusions, is open to collaborating with the app, but insists that there is ample blood available free of cost for public-sector patients at blood banks of teaching hospitals across Punjab under his institute’s administrative control. He says there hasn’t been any complaint yet.

But this app really needs support in order to bring ease for ordinary people without going through the administrative procedures, long hours of waiting, travelling, and others to collect blood for their loved ones.


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