Red Zone Blocked as Azadi March approaches


Islamabad Red Zone is being blocked as the Azadi March approaches nearer. Containers have been placed by the Islamabad police to block Nadra and Serena roundabouts to secure the Red Zone.

Red Zone will be barred with wire and water cannons will be deployed in order to block the entry of protestors. All the entry and exit points of Islamabad will be sealed. Those Islamabad residents who want to join the protest will not be allowed to do so.

Islamabad will be divided into three security layers, as per a security plan devised by the authorities. In the first zone, police personnel will be deployed, in the second zone frontier corps will be deployed and in the third Rangers will be deployed.

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The government has allowed the anti-government march protestors in the territory “as long as parameters laid out by courts for lawful protest are not breached”.

Prime Minister Office (PMO) issued a statement stating,“It was decided that the government, with its firm belief in upholding democratic ideals, would allow the proposed Azadi March, if it takes place within the ambit of law and the Constitution as interpreted in the decisions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Islamabad High Court. The prime minister believes in the democratic right to protest.”

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