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Record-Breaking Revenue by Pakistan Post in 4 Months

Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post has impressively shocked all by making a record-breaking revenue in just 4 months.

Pakistan Post had always been under criticism for being inefficient and unreliable in terms of the service it imparts. Over the span of past many years, people have stopped using the services of the national postage and started preferring the private courier firms on it.

Even the widely spread e-commerce industry did not rely much on Pakistan Post for sending their products or parcels to the customers. With the extensive amount of money being generated by the e-commerce in sales annually, it was indeed a strong blow to the Pakistan Post that their services were being ignored and not used.

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After the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf took reigns and a young minister took charge he started making some amendments here and there to the operations of the organization, and as a result Pakistan Post has made a 184 percent increase in its revenue in the last 4 months.

This surge indicates that the people of Pakistan have finally started to rely on the national courier service of Pakistan.

Pakistan Post made this success possible by introducing e-commerce parcel, urgent mail, electronic money, same day delivery, export parcel and more.

Martin Kobler—Pakistan’s most favourite German Ambassador was impressed with the services of Pakistan Post some weeks back.

Pakistan Post is providing reliable services at rates that are far cheaper than the rates offered by the competing private firms. It is time, that we also start placing our faith in the organization and begin using their services to make it better.

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