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Reason Why We Forget Dreams


Why we forget dreams? is a big question that often goes unanswered. The study has unveiled the reason behind forgetting dreams.

Dreams are stories and such images that our minds form while we sleep. They could be entertaining, romantic, fun, frightening, disturbing and sometimes weird.

This question occurs in everyone’s mind that why do we forget our dreams.

During our sleep cycle, it is the 3rd phase in which we see our dreams, which is called the (REM) the Rapid Eye Movement. At this stage, we are experiencing deep sleep. In journal science, new research has been published which says that this stage also contains a phase of Active Forgetting.

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The study proposes to protect your brain from overloading it with information. The neurons that erase our dreams are the same ones that help in controlling our appetite.

This study has been tested by scientists by checking the brain activity of a group of mice while they sleep.

The last region of sleep in the brain is called the hippocampus; it is a curved structure inside each brain hemisphere and is significant in moving information from short term memory to long term memory. This region is also the last to wake up.

Sometimes the dream rather than moving to the long-term memory bank goes to the short-term memory bank. This is because when you are awake the hippocampus is not fully awake.

This is the reason you don’t remember your dreams.

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