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Realme 7 Series Coming To Europe On October 7

Realme 7 Europe

Realme released Realme 7 series officially in India a few weeks ago and in the middle of last month Realme 7 series was also released in Indonesia.  As expected, the company has now confirmed that the 7 series will be unveiled in Europe next Wednesday on October 7.

Realme’s CEO Madhav Seth has reported on Twitter, the launch keynote is scheduled to hold on October 7 and will commence at 10:30 AM CEST (8:30 AM UTC). The Realme 7 series comes with two major variants of the Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro. The European version will only be slightly different from the Indian version in that the vanilla 7 will have a downgraded 48 Megapixels primary camera instead of the 64 Megapixels one found on the Indian Realme 7.

The rest of the specification of the device would remain unchanged according to the latest rumors and the Realme 7 Pro will have no changes at all. What more to expect from Realme is the Realme’s 125-Watt UltraDart charger though it remains hidden until yet what phone it will come with.

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