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Reactions of Pakistanis to #AvenfieldReference Verdict

Yesterday was indeed a bid day in the history of Pakistan’s democracy. The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan—Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Whereas his daughter—Maryam Nawaz was also given a jail sentence for seven years in the Avenfield corruption case. Retired Captain Safdar—Maryam Nawaz’s husband was also given an imprisonment of one year.

All eyes throughout Pakistan were fixed on television screens as Judge Muhammad Bashir of the accountability court read out the hundred-page order. The decision was pending since the Friday morning and finally, NAB officials declared the directive at 4:20 pm.

The moment the order was given out the social media users throughout Pakistan started sharing their reactions to it in the forms of memes, many users posted some photoshopped images and some drafted most hilarious tweets regarding the verdict of the #AvenfieldReference case.

Here are some of the posts, posted by the social media users since 4 pm about the orders regarding the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders.

The PML-N party members have made an announcement in which they rejected the directive given by NAB and said that they would go for appeal in the High Court and later to the Supreme Court for Justice.

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