Reach 5 Hours Early to Catch your Flight from Islamabad International Airport – PIA – Research Snipers

Reach 5 Hours Early to Catch your Flight from Islamabad International Airport – PIA

If you are traveling from New Islamabad International Airport, you have to reach the airport 5 hours earlier from your boarding time. We are not saying it, it is PIA that has issued this notification.

On the official Twitter page of PIA they have tweeted, “Valued PIA customers, in light of the traffic congestion due to strict security checks at entry points of the new Islamabad International Airport, you are kindly requested to report at least 5 hours prior to departure time for your international flights.”

PIA has asked its customers to reach the airport at least 5 hours early from their departure time. The reason given is that due to “traffic congestion because of security checks” you need to be early.

In the end PIA concluded saying, “Your convenience is our foremost priority.”

Barrister Hamza reacted to this tweet saying, “My mother came from Manchester on Official_PIA 777 yesterday morning. There were no pillows. Only a few used blankets being tossed around by the crew. When my mother asked where the pillows were the air hostess replied: Air Blue. So much for PIA‘s tall claims of “change”.


A customer replied to PIA’s tweet saying, “We were asked to do the same for Karachi airport. Can u pls explain why would anyone take pia seriously. The funniest thing is that when we arrived four hours earlier, the counters hadn’t even opened and we were told by staff at pia shouldn’t have asked u to come early.”

And we have a sarcastic comment here, “Why don’t you just abandon who fail to show up at the time of departure instead of waiting for them, and making everyone else wasting 5 hours sitting in the lounge or parked airplane? You know, like the rest of the world does!”

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