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RCB Imposed Fines on 3 Eateries

On Friday, Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) as part of its continuous drive of checking and ensuring food outlets hygiene and food quality slapped charges on three eateries and issued notices to others.

The spokesperson of the department informed that fifteen outlets were given notices for improving their cleanliness conditions. He also told that three outlets were imposed fine of rupees ten thousand because of the improper cleanliness arrangements and unhygienic conditions.

The three eateries are, namely:

  1. Shinwari Resturant
  2. Hot and Roll
  3. Ameen Hotel

These outlets were levied fine because of the poor cleanliness conditions. The spokesperson further added that strict measures are being adopted for taking action against the violators to make sure that the residents and customers may enjoy hygienic food in the neat and clean environment.

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Previously the board’s food division personnel checked the different automobiles used for supplying milk in the area of Saddar and on poor quality and contaminated milk were fined with a number of rupees twenty thousand.

The team had also imposed fines of rupees fifteen thousand on Rawal Fish Shop, MashaAllah Hotel, and A-Farooq Murgh Pulao because of the improper hygiene arrangements.

RCB has taken a good initiative by starting this drive of checking food quality and hygiene conditions of the food outlets. Many people love to dine out, if a regular check will not be kept on the hygiene arrangements then chances are that many people may get sick because of unhealthy food or contaminated environment.

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