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RCB Imposed Fine on Three Famous Bakeries

The Food Department of Cantonment Board (RCB) has imposed fine on three bakeries as part of its ongoing campaign to check the food outlets, as informed by one of the spokespeople on Monday.

He further informed that the food department has also issued notices to fifteen eateries after it was found that they were not following hygienic standards and were polluted.

According to Rana Qaiser—a team of the food department of RCB, after receiving the directives from the Cantonment, Arsalan Haider—the Executive Officer paid unannounced visits to the food outlets in the areas of Naseerabad and Alabad. He inspected the kitchens of the most famous eateries Rahat Bakers, Al-Farooq Sweets and Bakers and Nirala Bakers. Once he was through his inspection he imposed on them a fine of rupees sixty thousand (Rs 60,000) for not maintaining the kitchens as per the health standards.

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Similarly, the Cantonment team also gathered twenty-six samples from various eateries for laboratory tests and analysis and alongside served them with fifteen notices.

The spokesperson added that the notices were issued to the owners of the eateries for employing the salesman and workers without getting their medical tests from hospitals.

The spokesperson also informed that the judicial magistrate of the cantonment board has fined the shopkeepers also with a fine of rupees twelve thousand (Rs 12,000).

This is a good step taken by the food department to may surprise visits to the food outlets and to inspect their kitchens. Many people blindly rely on the products purchased from these eateries. Inspections like such even keep the people on alert regarding the quality of stuff they are consuming.

All such food outlet owners should be strictly punished as health is the most precious blessing of all and they play with the health of many innocent citizens by selling products prepared in unhealthy and dirty conditions.

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