Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Handed Over to Lahore Ring Road Authority

Ring Road

On Wednesday, the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project has been transferred from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to Lahore Ring Road Authority (LRRA). The said decision has apparently been approved by the cabinet but is pending the approval of the Punjab Assembly.

The project was reportedly planned by RDA back in 1991. Though, the project could not enter the implementation stage due to the department’s limited size and resources. Earlier in March 2020, the project was taken from RDA and was handed over to LRRA by the provincial government. But later in June, the project was handed back over to the RDA, but lately, the cabinet has approved of its conveyance back to the LRRA again.

According to the details, Tariq Murtaza RDA Chairman confirmed the above-mentioned news and stated that the final decision will be made by Punjab Assembly. In a further development on that front, the soft architecture of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project equipped by Zurich International consultancy firm is under analysis by NESPAK.

Moreover, Murtaza further said that the approval of the completion of Ring Road under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is expected to be given by January 15th, in a meeting between the members of Punjab Private Public Partnership Board.

At present, RDA is still the managerial agency of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project. The department has supposedly organized approvals on the alignment of a 65 km long route. Therefore, on paper, the project also involves 9 overhead bridges, several economic zones, and other facilities such as recreational landscapes, amusement parks, and commercial avenues, etc.

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