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Rawalpindi Residents Complains of Continuous Contaminated Water Supply

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Rawalpindi residents have complained about the continuous contaminated water supply in their areas. This for sure is a threat to the city residents and is a question mark on the efficiency of the concerned authorities. The areas included are Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Khaba, Waris Khan, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arya Mohallah and some other areas.

Arshad Malika resident of the Dhoke Elahi Bukush said that the polluted water was being supplied in their area for the last many months.

He also added that they have to get clean drinking water from the far-flung areas for meeting daily needs. He also informed that they have lodged a complain a number of times, but no attention was given to their genuine issue.

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Another woman expressed her deep concern on the pressing issue and said that a big amount of budget was allocated on the name of providing clean drinking water to the residents however they were getting contaminated water on a continuous basis.

She added that the water was not even suitable for washing purposes.

Another local complained that because of the contaminated water supply they have to buy mineral water which was super expensive and an additional load on their pockets. On the other hand, the Water and Sanitation Agency—WASA has made the claims that old pipelines should be switched with the new ones for addressing the public grievances.

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