Rawalpindi Railway Station to Undergo Renovations Next Month

The Pakistan Railways is planning to renovate the Rawalpindi Railway Station in the coming month. The railway authorities are planning to give the station a new modern look as per the international standards.

The project completion cost is of about rupees five million as informed by Raza Habib—Rawalpindi Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO).

While conversing with the media he explained that the flooring, roof, repair work of the walls, latest lighting system and the beautification of the platforms would be a part of the project which is anticipated to be completed within three months’ time.

All the main railway stations of the nation would be renovated under the project. The Rawalpindi Railway Station is the first one to go under revamp in the Rawalpindi Division. Other stations of the Rawalpindi division would also be revamped.

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Over the span of past eight months the total earnings of the Rawalpindi Division of the Pakistan Railways had been Rupees 1.497 billion which is against the set target of Rupees 1,479 billion. Raza Habib added that the Rawalpindi division had generated extra revenue of Rupees 17.964 million during this timeframe. This profit has largely been generated from the passenger service.

He informed that the total earnings of the Pakistan Railways, including the freight cost, other services and passengers was rupees eighteen billion in the year 2013. However, in just the start of first eight months of the present fiscal year 2017-18, approximately a number of rupees thirty-one billion has been earned.

The Divisional Commercial Officer said that a number of steps have been taken to provide ease to the passengers which include the launch of e-ticketing system and the duplicate ticket facility.

The DCO further added that even the security measures have been levelled up at the railway station for ensuring the safety of passengers and for their benefit.

He informed that sixteen closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) had been installed to make sure that passengers are provided with foolproof security at the platforms. Metal walk-through gates had also been installed at the entrances.

He further informed that scanners are also installed for checking the luggage, parcels and other items booked for the transportation to other cities of Pakistan.

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