Rawalpindi Railway Reservation Office Modernized and Upgraded

An up-to-date Railway Reservation Office is to be inaugurated at the Rawalpindi Railway Station today that is Thursday—30th of November 2017 to simplify the tickets buying procedure much simpler for all the rail passengers.

Rawalpindi Railway Station is located in the area of Sadar-Rawalpindi, Province Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the most significant stops in the Karachi to Peshawar Railway Line.
Its history dates back to 1881 when it was opened.

As per a Railway officer, the old railway station reservation office has been fully refurbished and advanced to modern standards for providing better services to approximately four thousand passengers who daily make use of the railway services from Rawalpindi Railway Station for reaching their desired destinations.

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He further added that an approximated total of rupees 3.5 million is generated by the railway station by selling the rail tickets to passengers from the central reservation office.

The updated reservation office of the Rawalpindi Railway Station is centrally air-conditioned.

He informed that the office is equipped with all the updated technologies from latest trendy digital monitors, to hi-tech laptops and electronic boards.

He also mentioned that government had been looking into the matter of providing better facilities to the rail passengers including the adaptation of modern railway reservation offices.

Mrs. Parveen Agha—Chairperson—Ministry of Railways would be inaugurating the reservation office.

Rails are important means of communication for many Pakistanis and any development in their regard may that even be the renovations of reservation offices is appreciable.
This is a good step by the government for providing the rail passengers a simple and easy opportunity to purchase tickets in a cool and maintained environment.

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