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Rawalpindi-Kahuta Mega Project- Development of First University in Kahuta

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday visited Kahuta and inaugurated the mega project for the reconstruction and betterment of Rawalpindi-Kahuta infrastructure. This rehabilitation work in Kahuta will almost cost Rs 12 billion.

During this inauguration, the PM of Pakistan spoke to the people and said that a university will be developed in Kahuta. The work on the university will start within three months’ time. This will be the first proper university in Kahuta. There are colleges and schools but no proper university has been established in the city. There is one university in KRL, the area that adjoins Kahuta, it is called KICSIT. Currently most of the inhabitants of Kahuta city study in KICSIT to acquire higher studies. If a university is established in Kahuta, it will be beneficial for the people inhabiting their and give rise to a competition between the two nearby varsities, ensuring quality education for the students. So, all in all, it is a win-win situation.

In his address, the PM Abbasi was all appreciative of the work PML-N government has done in their 5 years time. While initiating work on dualization, rehabilitation, and betterment of the Rawalpindi-Kahuta, PM said that their government has finished the shortage of electricity and gas supply.

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As for the disqualification of ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif he said, “We accepted the court verdict against Nawaz even though not a single citizen agrees with the judgment.”

In the mega road project, the dualization of the 28km long road is subdivided into two packages. A 16.5 km road will be developed from Kaakpul interchange to Trikiyan in the first package and in the second from Trikiyan to Kahuta a 12km road will be built.

If this project is completed as claimed, it will bring ease, prosperity, and development in Sihala to Kahuta area.