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Rawalpindi Cleared Garbage Sites in 1,100 Villages

In the Rawalpindi district, more than three thousand four hundred and fifty-four dumping sites have been cleared by the government, following the bid to make centralized garbage dumping sites in different cities of the province of Punjab and to improve the overall health conditions of the province.

Talat Mehmood Gondal—Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi informed that in one thousand and one hundred villages of the district, sites were cleared under the initial phase of the “Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Sehat Programme”.

He also told that the cleanliness system of the rural areas in the district is being improved under the programme—which has been introduced on the instructions of the Chief Minister Punjab—Shahbaz Sharif.

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He added that this programme is first of its kind in the history of the nation. The programme is targeted at providing a safe and clean environment to the locals of the rural areas and would also help in keeping them away from diseases.

Gondal added that the programme would not only be offering the people of the rural areas a better environment but would also be focusing on making them realize that sanitation is essential—not only its part of the religion but also a must requirement for leading a comfortable and healthy life.

He mentioned that the community level participation along with the association of the local government organizations is crucial to the success of the programme.

He added that the concerned assistant commissioners have been chosen as the main authorities for the campaign who would work closely with the union council chairmen and secretaries.

The second phase of the programme is to begin from the next month. Gondal explained that not only the government has increased the budget for the campaign but also have provided the required machinery for clearing out the garbage.

The Deputy Commissioner added that under the programme grants are being provided to the local government officials since the Union Council Chairmen were permitted to use the leftover funds for the cleanliness campaign after the due salaries are paid.

He instructed the Assistant Commissioners to keep the financial records updated and maintained relating the programme on the defined pattern so that the transparency and quality of the programme could be guaranteed.

Gondal added finally that the campaign would show that government’s focus is not only the urban areas and that it is working for the betterment of the conditions of the rural areas too.

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