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Rawal Lake Poisoned: Investigation Is Being Conducted As Fishes Were Found Dead In The Lake

Many fishes were found dead in Rawal Lake, which forced an investigation of the sensitive situation. Thus officials from Islamabad police collected samples of dead fish and water. The samples would be sent to a laboratory to find out the cause of death of fishes.

The poisoning in water that is yet not proven has also caused panic in the citizens who use the water from the reservoir.

The samples would be sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency by the Islamabad police to identify impurity if there is any.

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This investigation started by the authorities when the Islamabad fisheries department issued a complaint against domestic mafia working near the Rawal Lake.

There was an agreement for fishing in the lake given to Bahadur Sher Afridi of Younas Enterprises. It was given to them for two years at Rs44 million. Now the contractor, as well as the fisheries department, faced problems as some unauthorized people were using Rawal Lake for illegal fishing. Now recently to stop illegal fishing an operation was undertaken. The violators were retained while their boats were taken. 20 boats were seized while around five people got arrested.

Fisheries Deputy Director Muhammad Sadiq Buzdar said as these actions were taken against this group, therefore, continuous threats were received from this mafia after this incident.

They started inhuman activities after this and added some poisonous stuff in the water to kill the fish and contaminate the water. The fear is that the polluted water can cause public health crisis.

Now the police have listed case against those unidentified people, also boating and fishing has been banned in the vicinity.