Rashida Tlaib – Running to be the First Muslim Woman in US Congress

Rashida Tlaib might just be the first Muslim woman in US Congress. Rashida was born in 1976 and is a Palestinian immigrant. Previously Rashida served as the Democratic member of the Michigan House of Representatives.

She was first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature and also the second Muslim woman in history to be appointed to any legislature in the USA.

Now in order to become the first Muslim Woman in US Congress, she has to beat some Democrats who are fighting for the same seat.

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Rashida has been campaigning for the seat in River Rouge in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.

She said, “It’s not about just being out there and flaunting your faith. I always tell people that I’m exposing Islam in such a pivotal way, an impactful way, through public service.”

Andy Goddeeris Tlaib’s campaign manager said, “We are basically running the same campaign, with the same platform and with a very similar candidate.”

Her supporters feel that she can win this seat as she is a known name in her constituency. She successfully raised more than $570,000 in 2018, first quarter beating her opponents.

Zaki Barzinji, the White House liaison to American Muslims under former President Barack Obama said, “She’s a perfect example of how to systematically build political power. She’s not just jumping into a congressional race out of nowhere, she literally spent more than a decade working her way up.”

Adding, “It’s a lesson I wish our broader American Muslim community would learn because many folks get frustrated that we don’t have representation at the highest levels of politics and government when we rarely put in the effort to start at the ground floor and work our way up.”

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