Rapid Increase In Cancer Cases Due To Substandard Food

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There is a growing threat of cancer in Pakistan, the cancer cases are increasing rapidly in Pakistan at an alarming rate.

According to the data by Karachi Cancer Registry, from January 2017 to December 2019, 33,309 cancer cases were reported in Karachi alone. According to the details, Dr Zubeida Qazi while talking to media in a morning show Bakhbar Sawera said that different types of cancer have become the second leading cause of death in Pakistan.

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Thousands of cases are recorded out of which 40 to 45 thousand deaths occur. Dr Zubeida said that the rate of breast and oral cancer has increased in the country, besides, cancer is also being diagnosed in children which are mostly blood cancers and brain cancers. He said that the main reason for its spread is the lack of awareness among the people, who continue to ignore the symptoms of cancer, which appear in the form of minor illnesses. In addition, 75% of medical facilities in the country are provided by the private sector, which not everyone can afford.

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According to Dr Zubeida, if cancer is present in the family genes, then marriages in the family can promote it, not only cancer but also various mental illnesses, or thalassemia, is increased by marriages in the family. I may be deficient. Another reason, he said, is that in our busy lives, the tendency to exercise is greatly reduced, in addition to substandard food, junk food and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables are also inviting various diseases.

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Dr Zubeida said that common symptoms of any cancer include weight loss, constant fever or feeling tired, common symptoms of blood cancer are spots on the body and common symptoms of oral cancer are skin layers inside the mouth. However, these symptoms should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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