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Ramzan 2018 Likely to Start from May 17

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has given a prediction regarding the Ramzan moon which would most likely to be seen on the 16th of May that is Wednesday.

As per the PMD officials, the first day of the holy month would be on the 17th of May that is Thursday according to the scientific reasoning, further informing that the new moon of Ramazan would be born on the 15th of May around 4:49 pm.

Furthermore, the age of the new moon would be around twenty-six hours and forty-five minutes at the time it would be sighted that in on the May 16 and would be visible for nearly sixty-one minutes after sunset, according to the Pakistan Meteorological department officials.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with many more Arab countries are expected to witness the moon on the 15th of May.

Muslim communities of the United States and Europe relies on the astronomical calculations and would hence be observing Ramazan from the 15th of May, with the first day of fasting to be observed on the 16th of May.

Around the world, the first day of Ramazan varies in different countries depending on the sighting of the moon in their respective regions.

Previously, the government has approved the Ramzan Relief Package 2018 with a subsidy of rupees 1.733 billion for the daily use commodities provided by the Utility Stores Corporation.

Ramzan is the holy month of Muslims and is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. This month is celebrated with great respect and enthusiasm throughout the Muslim communities. Many Muslim countries even announce special timings for this particular month. The entire month is spent in worshipping and performing religious obligations with pure sincerity and heart.

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